Brendan Maclean

Baz Lurhmann calls him a “modern day Mick Jagger” and The Age calls him a “rare and true artist.”

Brendan Maclean is a performer on a grand scale: Be it his time behind the microphone at triple j, his work in film or his infamous pop songs Brendan has already begun to carve himself an undeniable mark in the entertainment world. The ARIA award nominated songwriter from Sydney has been riding a wave of success since the release of his 5th E.P. the chart topping funbang1. Brendan’s release of “House of Air” scored 700,000 views in one week being reported on at Billboard, “the most controversial and surprising work in years”. The varied strings to his bow make him one extraordinarily unique individual.

In 2008 his first release Airport People won Song of The Year and in 2010 his EP White Canvas would win him Writer of The Year in the Australian Youth Awards. In 2011 Brendan was invited to host B430, a travel show on the music network Channel [V], and found himself popping up on multiple ABC TV shows including The Chaser, Laid and The New Inventors.

2012 would be a breakthrough year for Brendan’s song writing; supporting Kate Miller-Heidke, Darren Hayes and Amanda Palmer on major national tours. In 2013 he launched a crowd- funding campaign which would raise $22,000 for his record with acclaimed producer Paul Mac, and also caught the eye of Universal Publishing who would go on to sign him for a two album contract. This was also the year Brendan played the role of Klipspringer in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby – a role that has taken him to Italy, Paris, London and New York to perform and play as part of Fashion Shows, grand balls and the kind of parties most people would dream of. Other feature film credits include Peter in John Curran’s Tracks.

Brendan can also be found online at all times – whether being crowned King of Twitter by Pedestrian Daily or wowing fans on the front page of BuzzFeed with his video clips, there are few working performers in Australia as in touch with their audience as Brendan. This has been proven with successful campaigns with The Voice, Coca-Cola and MTV all calling on Brendan as a spokesperson.

In 2014 Brendan was awarded Young Achiever of The Year at The Honour Awards for his charitable work in the GLBTI community. 2015 saw Brendan star in the award winning Velvet, a show inspired by Studio 54 featuring wall to wall disco classics which toured nationally and internationally, heading to Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Edinburgh.

Brendan has cemented his place with a debut performance at the Opera House Concert Hall stage with media darling Amanda Palmer. He also starred in F*cking Adelaide, a six-part comedy/drama series on ABC iView, which won Best Ensemble Performance at the International Academy of Web Television Awards.